TEL-ME-MOR Final Conference


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Regional Expert Workshops

Last update: 28 November, 2005


The three Regional Expert Workshops are organised by the respective three National Libraries, partners in TEL-ME-MOR, with the common objectives of discussing research requirements in the New Member States, encouraging a greater participation of these countries in European research projects and widening the impact of TEL-ME-MOR results in New Member States, at the policy and strategic level.

The overall goal of the workshops is to formulate recommendations as to how the EU Research & Development agenda can lead to improving access to cultural and scientific resources by the research and education sectors in the New Member States, via participation in future EU-funded projects.


Warsaw, Poland, 24-25 April 2006
Regions involved: Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan
Budapest, Hungary, 8-9 May 2006
Regions involved: Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Czech Republic
Ljubljana, Slovenia, 18-19 May 2006
Regions involved: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, Malta, Cyprus, Turkey


The events will be expert workshops and will be attended by directors of libraries, museums and archives, representatives from the European Commission, Ministries of Culture and Education, research bodies and other relevant institutions from the NMS and neighbouring countries.

Please note that attendance to these events is by invitation only.


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