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12 June 2006
IST4Balt workshop 2006

A workshop under the title Baltic ICT Community on the Way to FP7 will be organised in the framework of the IST4Balt project in the conference centre of the “Peoleo” hotel in Laagri, Estonia. The event will focus on discussion of new opportunities for international co-operation, research and development within the framework of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and its Information Society Technologies (IST) Priority. Institutions and companies from the three Baltic states are the main target group of the workshop.

Janne Andresoo, the Head of the Research and Development Centre of the National Library of Estonia, will present TEL-ME-MOR and The European Library at the workshop.

More information and on-line registration form is available at the official web site of the event.

6 June 2006
eContentplus drafts available

A new call for proposals will be launched under the eContentplus programme in 2006. The provisional deadline for receipt of proposals will be 19 October 2006.

The work programme 2006 and the call for proposals have been already published on-line as drafts. Click here to access the documents.

The provisional date for publication of the definitive versions is July 2006. Any changes in relation to the draft versions will be indicated and explained on the eContentplus web site.

An Information Day on the topic will be held on Wednesday 28 June 2006 in Luxembourg.

5 June 2006
EVA 2006 Moscow

The 9 h Annual International Conference EVA 2006 Moscow will be held on 4-8 December 2006 in the M.I. Rudomino All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature in Moscow. This year the conference will focus on culture and information society technologies in the 21st century.

The first step to participate in the International Conference EVA 2006 Moscow is the on-line registration at the conference web site On-line registration was opened in May 2006 and will close on 15 November 2006.

2 June 2006
Sudan Open Archive

The Rift Valley Institute (RVI) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) launched on 30 May 2006 the Sudan Open Archive, an open-access digital library for Sudan, containing about 500 documents drawn from the records of an international relief effort Operation Lifeline Sudan (OLS). In June 2006, material on environmental issues and the records of local peace processes in north and south Sudan will be incorporated, followed by grammar and dictionaries of Sudanese languages, cultural materials, documents in Arabic and maps.

The Open Archive can be accessed at

2 June 2006
Digital library in Vietnam

The first integrated digital library management system in Vietnam was officially launched on 21 May 2006 and is accessible via the web site It was developed by an IT company Tinh Van Information Technology and makes use of its software product Libol.

The web site is intended to serve as a portal to help boost collaboration between Vietnamese libraries and help Internet users access information from domestic libraries as well as other information on local and international web sites.

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